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Mission statement
The mission of New Hope Learning Center is to provide a new hope through quality customer service and dedication to all of our students. We have a pledge of hope that we stand by, that is the hope to promote self-discipline, self-reliance, and self-confidence by establishing valuable relationships and trust. Our name is our brand and we will support our  name by delivering a new hope of success to all of our students.

Vision Statement
We believe that we are put on this earth to make a difference, to live our lives on purpose. Our responsibility is to one another, from one end of life to another. As we move towards our goals, we are challenged to use our God given talents to create opportunities and possibilities that will give hope to the people. Our vision is to put into action love, kindness and support through programs that will help shape the minds of our youth and strengthen the backs of our community. We see a brighter and stronger tomorrow, a place where people can come and discover a New Hope!

New Hope Learning Center is a job training/ job readiness program for adults and high school students. We are located in Fairburn, Georgia, in the South Fulton County area. We serve both male and female gender, age ranging from 18 to older.  New Hope Learning Center focuses on key tools to help each participant become successful in our program and in society.

To develop job-training and job readiness skills, participants will receive an employee handbook stating their job description, responsibilities, rate of pay, and production goals. Students also participate in bi-weekly interactive workshops that focus on overcoming employment barriers by learning:  preparedness; effective communication;completing job applications (written and electronic); resume development; appropriate business attire; protocol; and how to obtain and maintain employment. Students gain new occupational skills in the medical field which includes; Certified Nursing Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Patient Care Technician, EKG,  and Phlebotomy, all of which are in high demand and has a reported growth rate of more than 33%.

New Hope Learning Center Senior advantage Program
This program is designed to create an incentive for High School Seniors who are actively enrolled in high school to stay in school.  And to help students who did not finish high school earn their GED and a job skill. Statistic shows nearly a third of Georgia students fail to finish high school. Graduation rate has been reset to 67.4%, well below 80%. Banneker High School is a neighborhood school whose graduation rate dropped from 67.3% to an unbelievable low of 42% in 2012.   Each participant will sign a contract with New Hope Learning to have good attendance with our program and their current school, passing all classes and be on track to graduate. New Hope Learning Center will work closely with guidance counselor and parents for a more favorable outcome. Students, who do not have a High School diploma or GED, now have the opportunity to obtain their GED while learning a new skill in the medical field and gain meaningful employment.

2 Chronicle 15:7
"But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded".

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