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State-Approved CNA/PCT Program

Program Overview
The Certified Nursing Assistant Program prepares students with rigorous classroom training and practice as well as the clinical experiences to perform a full range of patient care duties or services under nursing or medical direction. This includes taking vital signs, obtaining lab specimens, assisting with activities of daily living, observing and charting patient information, and reporting appropriate information to supervisors. It may also include providing various outreach services to clients within the community. Students who successfully complete the Certified Nursing Assistant Program will be eligible to sit for the National Nurse Aide certification exam (NNAAP) which determines competency to become enrolled in the State nurse aide registry.
New Hope Learning Center is not just a job training program we are an empowerment institution.

Free Certified Phlebotomy Technician

The Phlebotomy Technician program educates students to draw and process blood specimens. Phlebotomy technicians typically work in concert with medical lab technicians in hospitals or other healthcare organizations. Topics covered include human anatomy, anatomical terminology, venipuncture, and clinical practice. Occupational Trends: Phlebotomists are employed throughout the health care system in hospitals, neighborhood health center, medical group practices, HMOs, public health facilities, and veterans' hospitals. No Cost for training, only pay for $400 for supplies, $100 registration fee.

Patient Care Technician NHA approved Testing program( Must be enrolled in CNA Program to add additional skills

The Certified Patient Care Technician/Assistant assists doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in providing direct patient care in a variety of healthcare environments. As a CPCT/A, you may perform some or all of the following tasks:

  • Provide basic patient care including bathing, feeding, toileting and ambulating patients
  • Acquire and distribute patient care supplies
  • Change bed linens and process dirty linens properly
  • Perform safety checks to keep patient rooms clean and clutter – free
  • Maintain clear paths in hallways clear and return equipment that is no longer in use
  • Obtain EKG readings
  • Perform phlebotomy procedures

Benefits to obtaining a Patient Care Technician/Assistant Certification may include: more job opportunities, an increased pay scale, job security, and increased subject matter expertise.

Medical Assistant Certification preparation course

Our Medical Assistant program prepares you to pass professional certification exams with an accredited recognized organization ( NHA).  Medical assistants are vital in the day-to-day work of most healthcare facilities. As a certified medical assistant, you will be  prepared to join the in-demand healthcare field and help patients have a positive experience.

  • Health Care Systems and Settings
  • Medical Terminology
  • Basic Pharmacology
  • Nutrition
  • Psychology
  • Body Structures and Organ Systems
  • Pathophysiology and Disease Processes
  • Microbiology
  • General Patient Care
  • Infection Control
  • Testing and Laboratory Procedures
  • Phlebotomy
  • EKG and Cardiovascular Testing
  • Patient Care Coordination and Education
  • Administrative Assisting
  • Communication and Customer Service
  • Medical Law and Ethics