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I typically Don’t share how I’m feeling, Today I will take the time to say Thank you to a couple of people that have supported me and Encourage me to keep moving forward with my Dreams. Specially My love Aldo Gomez words can’t Explain how thankful I am for him being there for me No matter what, we will always work as the Team we are. I have always been motivated to help people I choose the medical Field as my career I am proud of it, love it with a passion that unless your there to listen and understand and not listen to respond. Will actually know what it’s like. When I First stared the work field I visualized my Goal I knew it was not going to be easy, but never impossible to get there. Thank you Dinorath prado for working with me to be able to work and go back to school as I completed my first task finishing my High school, second my Manger at Xpo (Angie Huff), worked with me to be able to go back to school and receive my certifications as certified Nurse assistant, and Medical Assistant from a great school/ Amazing (Teacher )Abigail Jones (New Hope Learning Center) First Person that showed me the real Experience Kimberly Kight will never forget tips and tricks, I decided to take the first step and follow My Dream after a couple of time had a lovely experience working with Alondra Bravo , Leslie Yazuly Carbajal, Kayla McKinney Thank y’all, but wait that’s not it I thought 💭 about it , I was not happy felt as I had come to a stopping point. So I decided to quit for a good change,something that will allow me to keep moving forward with my Dream, again my number one support Aldo Gomez Help me out I took my Nice vacation 😎 and proud to say my 2018 year has and will be successful 👏 ! Due to Private policy’s I am unable to share detail. I can only share that Today I am proud to say I am #TeamWellStar My Healthcare career begins Here stay tune for my Future Goal 😁 in the making

Been at my new job as a phlebotomist for one month today ! I am so grateful for this school and Mr. Jones & Miss Abigale for helping me through the process and simply doing what they do best. I will forever be thankful for them and what they do at the school. Thank you guys so much!! 💉💉💉

Are you looking for a way to branch into the medical field? Then look no further! New Hope Learning Center is amazing!
I just took the CPT (Certified Phlebotomy Technician) class, and couldn't be happier with my results. Not only is the class affordable, but the schedule flexibility made this a wonderful alternative to a "traditional" school. The staff is wonderful, incredibly genuine, and professional. The smaller class sizes allow for more hands on learning, specific feedback, and an overall positive experience. I can't say enough good things about them, and would recommend this facility to anyone!

Phlecia Nichole reviewed New Hope Learning Center LLC5 star

I love this school.

Good school perfect skills and job opportunities

Great school and amazing staff! Top notch training and education. Helped get me job as medical assistant the day after I completed my program! Highly recommend

By far the best school. The teacher is great & very very helpful. The price is unbeatable, you won't find a price this low for these programs!! Thank you New Hope for giving me such an amazing experience & my new career. It's never too late.